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Technical Assistance with Moodle at Sampson Community College:

Click Here: -> Sampson Community College Online Support Center

There are four different ways Moodle support is provided:

  • You can browse or search the Knowledge Base for a wide variety of solutions.
  • You can Submit a Ticket to an experienced Moodle service representative. You can track the status of your ticket in My Support.
  • You can contact an experienced Moodle service representative (Contact Us) by telephone. SCC’s dedicated toll free number is 1-855-671-6896.
  • You can have a Live Chat with an experienced Moodle service representative live over the web.

Click this link if you have forgotten your username or password?


Type your username in the space provided.

  • Username: First initial, followed by up to nine characters of your last name, followed by the last 4 digits of student identification number. Your student identification number is your 7-digit identification number that begins with a zero (0), and can be located on your printed class schedule. Also, you can locate the last 4 digits of your student identification number on the back side of your SCC student ID card. Simply look at the last five numbers on your SCC student ID card, cover the last number which is randomly assigned, and look at the preceding four numbers, which will be used as the last part of your username.
  • Mary L. Johnson, for example, has a student identification number which is 0123456. Her username is mjohnson3456. The middle initial is not part of the username.
  • Mark Smith, for example, does not have a middle name and a student identification number which is 3456789. His username is msmith6789. The lack of a middle name is irrelevant.
  • Shelly K. Smith-Jones, for example, has a student identification number which is 2345678. Her username is ssmithjon5678. Note there is no hyphen in her username and the last part of her last name is truncated.

Type your password in the space provided.

  • Password: Date of birth—bdMMDDYY format with the lower-case letters bd followed by 6 digits and no spaces. If a student was born on February 21, 1995, for example, he or she would enter bd022195 as the password.
  • IMPORTANT: It is very important that you change your password to protect your security in Moodle. You will see a message located on the top right-hand side of Moodle once you successfully log in that reads, You are logged in as YOUR STUDENT NAME (Logout). Click your name and you will be taken to a menu that will allow you to change your password.